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  • Video Analysis Software (VAS) International, Inc. Signs Alliance Agreement with Silicon Coach.


    WOODSTOCK, GA. January 19, 2011- VAS along with Silicon Coach today announced they have signed a strategic alliance agreement, which allows VAS and Silicon Coach to supply the US football and soccer communities with their combined suite of biomechanics/sports related suite of products with its Sideline Coach/Trainer™ and KickersTime ™ suite of products. Now college bound football kickers, soccer players and coaching professionals will have for the first time an “on-demand” portal for video analysis and feedback dedicated to serving the needs of this growing niche market. 

    In evaluating various partners, VAS and Silicon Coach have concluded that the synergy between these two dedicated organizations serving the pure athlete and coaching professional, along the expertise of their staffs and the potential for the mutual markets have been a persuasive reason for entering into this partnership.

    “For over a year we have been internally working on designing our specific video analysis software applications for the athlete and coach dedicated to being the pure “kicking specialist” and coaching professional who needs a simple yet robust “on the field” and “beyond the field” way to capture and analyze every aspect of the kick. In Silicon Coach we have found not only a world-class leader, but one that shares our corporate goals. We are positive that both companies will derive important benefits from this effort.” said Marc Nolan CEO of VAS International, Inc. 

    “Siliconcoach Limited is pleased to add VAS International to a growing list of strategic partners globally that are taking the Siliconcoach suite of products and adapting them for use in their specialist areas. When assessing a potential partnership with VAS Siliconcoach was most impressed with the company’s expertise in the specialist area of “kicking” as it relates to football and soccer. We look forward to a successful relationship with VAS.” said Graeme Burborough GM of Siliconcoach Ltd.

    About VAS International, Inc. Established in 1994, is a professional teaching/coaching and software company dedicated to helping athletes and coaches become better at their skills by using analysis tools for both on and off the field training. Our commitment to our customers and niche market we serve, history and innovation and proven solutions spans over 26 years, and have trained over 700 athletes, as well as coaching over 200 professionals. The company can be found on the Web at

    The Kickers Zone is a registered trademark of VAS International, Inc. Other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

    About Siliconcoach- Siliconcoach is making a significant impact in the world of sport, education, clinical practice and sports retail. Our customers are amongst the most successful organizations in the world and include USA Triathlon, The All Blacks (New Zealand International Rugby Team) numerous national academies and institutes of sport and ICC cricket nations.
    Siliconcoach is also used by sports retailers and manufacturers including Nike, Asics and New Balance. Additionally, Siliconcoach developed the software for bicycle manufacturer Specialized renowned Body Geometry bike fitting system.
    Founded in 1997 by New Zealand biomechanist Joe Morrison, siliconcoach has grown into one of the world’s most successful video analysis companies. A company based on our passion for sport and a firm belief that video analysis can assist in improving and assessing physical performance, rehabilitation, professional development and learning. More information on the company can be found at

    Maricriz Nolan

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