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We are the longest serving kicking, and punting truly instruction focused one on one training company since 1975. We have developed many of the kicking and punting drills used by most of the kickers and punters today.

We were the first ones to offer kicking camps to rate one kicker/punter against another but not for just ranking purposes but to offer where one specialists is and where the other needs to get to in order to succeed. We know many of our young specialists enjoy seeing the results of others hearing from them firsthand who have gone on their own “Journey”.  

The Kickers Zone also was the first dedicated cloud-based environment, software “Coaching On Demand Video Analysis” (CODVA) services portal serving the niche athlete of college/professional bound football kicker/punter “specialists” and the parents and coaches who support these great athletes.

CEO – Marc Nolan

Marc is the CEO of The Kickers' Zone and brings over 45 years of high-level playing and coaching experience in both Football and Soccer.

Marc is the CEO of The KickersZone.com. Coach Nolan is the longest serving (and still active) kicking and punting coach in the United States, having his first one-on-one kicking lesson back in 1978. He is a former collegiate D1 punter and kicker, semi-pro soccer player as well as an undrafted free agent punter with The Philadelphia Eagles of The National Football League.

Coach Nolan has worked with thousands of high school, college and NFL kickers and punters throughout the US and is a certified Community Coach and trainer with the Georgia High School Athletic Association. 

Coach Nolan has helped nearly 700 kickers/punters obtain kicking scholarships at various D1 schools currently and in the past to include kickers and punters with The University of Notre Dame, University of Georgia, University of Florida, University of Tennessee, Auburn University, Georgia Tech University, Georgia State University, Texas A&M, East Carolina, University of Akron, Middle Tennessee State, Memphis, The Naval Academy, The United States Military Academy at West Point, The Air Force Academy, Stony Brook University, Dartmouth University, West Virginia University, Purdue University, as well as many other DI and DII schools.

He has also been a Director of Coaching (DOC) GM and Commissioner, and Board Member at several large soccer clubs in the US, and has written over 100 articles related to the areas of coaching, and recently publishes the first book dedicated to the kicking specialist’s and their parents called “The Journey-What Every Kicking Specialist and Their Parents Need To Know” 

Coach Nolan is a long- standing member of the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) also holds a USSF License, National Youth License, Dutch KNVB badge National Level GK I and II License, and is a member of The National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA), and member of the US Soccer Federation and CoachesNet. He also has worked with the TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) and the Special Olympics.

As a soccer coach, he started his first soccer club at the age of 23 (The Barrington Storm Soccer Association, Barrington, New Jersey) and was considered the youngest club President at that time (1978) in the United States. At The Barrington Storm in his first year, he grew the program to 400 kids and over the next three years 700 kids were involved with this youth soccer program, and he expanded this program to bring in less fortunate children from a nearby town to play.  Throughout his 40 plus years of “soccer and football coaching journeys” he has worked with youth clubs throughout the US on improving the ways young athletes need to train to get to the next level.

Please e-mail Marc at mnolan@thekickerszone.com.

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